Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer Breakdown & Review

Avengers Infinity War is considered to be the biggest event of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is going to be the biggest hit which is confirmed by officials prior to its release. This is the movie that is produced by taking a pull of heroes from different franchises that marvel own. The Marvel Studios has been ruling and dominating the box offices from a decade now and finally they are culminating the Avengers epics in two parts which is expected to rock the audiences indeed. There is a huge craze amongst the fans of Avengers series that which characters will die in the latest series and what would be the latest surprises that Marvels have in the box for this time. The official trailer of Avengers Infinity War has been released and it offers multiple clues about what to expect from the latest release. You can stream the latest release of trailer online at the MovieBox app. So, Download Movie Box App now and enjoy streaming the trailer of the movies for free online.

Stream the Trailer of Avengers Infinity War Online at Movie Box

Movie Box App is available for Android and iOS devices and it offers the largest collection of movies and TV shows for free streaming and Avengers Infinity War trailer is also available online at Movie Box for streaming and interested viewers can use Movie Box App or YouTube to stream the trailer of Avengers Infinity War which is recently launched.

The trailer starts with a unknown spaceship that lands over Manhattan and Thanos arrives and Gamora the daughter of Thanos explains who her father is to Tony Stark and why she is in a mission to quest the wield Infinity Gauntlet, which is basically golden glove that comprises the Infinity Stones. If Thanos get all the stones then he will become the strongest enemy in the world to destroy the universe. This is what the trailer shows until now.

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Most of the Infinity Stones have been already been popped up in all the series of MCU films which range from the Doctor Strange to Guardians of the Galaxy and even the Thor Movies. A recent Infinity Stone has been shown which is the Soul Stone and this what Infinity War movie is all about where Thanos will search for the Infinity Stone and it will be ended with the second sequel of the movie which is expected to get release by Spring 2019. For all those updates and trailer and latest news about the Marvel movies Download Movie Box.

Who Are Replaced In the Movie?

The Black Widow and  Bruce Banner would be replaced and Rhodey will be suited up in his Iron Patriot gear and he will still be learning the Tony’s Technology at the Captian America Civil War. Now coming back to the Infinity Stone, Vision boasts the Mind Stone that is lodged into their head and the ominous glance between Scarlet and him which speaks a volume. Though Vision is hiding in the Wakanda, but his enemy was the Thanos. Scarlet Witch has a soft spot for him and hence she turn to be the strongest beings in the MCU series.

The battle finally ends up at the Wakanda and Tony’s Hulkbuster armor seem to pulling back from the chance against the Thanos. There is also a scene where Tony is talking with Thanos with half destroyed armor and the Avengers can’t quite exist without the support of Tony Stark even if he is pulling the purse strings off-screen.

The last thing to note here is that the Infinity Gauntlet only comprises the two stones of Infinity and the Power Stone and Space Stone were missing. This is where the twist starts and it is believed that the Vision and Doctor Strange who have the Time Stone in his eye of Agamotto Amulet are considered to be safe, but again you need to wait for the part two and the conclusion of the series.

Download Movie Box to stay updated about the release date and more thrills of the movie. The movie will also be available for streaming online at Movie Box and hence it is worthwhile to download the Mvoie Box app on your phone to enjoy streaming it later as per your convenience.

Some Basics to making money in Podcasting

The Internet has brought about a revolution on entrepreneurship. Now, with the help of the Internet, anyone can earn out of a global market, right from the comfort of his or her home. Podcasting is no different. This excellent revolution of downloading and sharing audio files, can actually create wealth for you, besides the joys that it gives you while listening/ broadcasting you favorite program/ show/ music anytime, anywhere.

There are many ways to earn an income with podcasting. This article will endeavor to throw light on a few of these possibilities, and hopefully will inspire you to become an e-entrepreneur. It is easy, it is fun and it is within the means of anybody who is even slightly inclined to make the effort.

1. Sponsors for your podcast –

Sponsorship is still a major way of generating income for any popular show. Newspapers, magazines, souvenir issues, TV shows, radio shows all have their sponsors who can generate a good amount of revenue. Your podcast too can use this avenue for earning a generous income. The more popular your podcast becomes the more revenue it will rack in; the more sponsors you could accommodate in your show. However, be careful that you do not overpower the essence of your podcast with too many advertisements, lest you will kill the enjoyment your customers get out your program and stop subscribing to it. Since anyone can create a podcast, anyone can get a sponsor as well. The better is your topic, the better it will be received in the market, and the better chances you have to get good sponsors who will increase your income manifold.

2. Paid subscriptions for your podcast –

Most of the podcast and podcasters are novices who are into this ‘business’ for the fun of it more than for profit. However, podcasting can be serious business as well. People are willing to pay a subscription if the content is worth their money. Look it up and find out what people want to hear – latest music albums, latest news about travel discounts, exciting news about extraordinary tourist locations or how to land a job, or anything than can interest any segment of people. You could run a show for mothers on how to earn while being full-time homemakers, or for students/ teenagers on how to earn substantially by doing simple tasks at home, etc – the list is endless. Success comes to those who find a problem and work out viable solution(s) for it. The more interesting and vital your information is, the more interested would people be to subscribe for your podcast. Keep the subscription fee low enough to allow the majority to subscribe, but high enough to make a difference to you. You can mint money this way, literally!

3. Use Google adsence on your podcast website –

Adsense has been a great avenue for making money for more than a decade now. You will first need to get your podcast to the attention of your prospective customers. You could do this by listing your podcast with the best podcast directories available on the Internet. The more your audience will grow the better you will be paid for the adsense ads on your website. Nothing succeeds like success, after all. You can start modestly with a few adsense ads and you be sure that no sooner you score high in popularity, you will be able to make a pretty penny here.

4. Affiliate programs on your podcast

– Use your website to promote affiliate products. When your podcast becomes popular and you have millions of listeners such affiliate programs can be real money-spinners. Here, the larger the audience, the higher is your revenue since your affiliate products will also be sold and promoted in this way. The promotion will work even better if the product is related to the podcast you are airing since it is more likely to have a more concentrated target audience in that case. You could recommend, review or just advertise an affiliate product and earn commission on each sale.

5. Donations

Last but not the least, you can make some great money with asking for donations. Though this is not exactly the way to do business, it is a good way to check the potential of the Internet. You can start with a link whereby anyone can donate any amount they want through an easy connection to paypal, credit card, or any other simple way to make a payment. You will be shocked (pleasantly so) to see how many people are likely to use such a link to donate – if they like your podcast. This would be to encourage you and at the same time to ensure that you do not close down your podcast and so they enjoy what you line up for them for a longer period. I would prefer (this is my personal opinion) that you ask for a minimum subscription instead of donations for earning an income – but this is a way to earn money as well – and I did not want to miss out on presenting this possibility to you.

5 Best Movie App On Android With Latest Movies

There are a lot of applications that allow Android devices users to stream movies, television shows and other visual content from entertainment sites on their devices either for free or after paying a subscription charge.
Some of the best applications that bring the users a variety of latest television shows and movies are the following.

SPB Television App

This is an astonishing application that presents the user with a high-quality range of content from all over the globe. Android Televisions, Smartphones, and tablets users can enjoy more than two- hundred Television channels with this application.

In order to enjoy an even viewing practice, the user will need an internet connection through LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi and WiMAX. This application has many users indicating it’s favored by many due to streaming good and latest content.

Crackle App

This is a famous and well-liked application that streams latest movies and TV shows on Android devices for free. A subscriber can access a wonderful compilation of material with this application, though, in return; the user has to watch the adverts as a stream commences.

Hulu App

This app lets you watch movies and the best Television shows on their Android devices such as Smartphones and phones free of charge. The application is filled with the classic and up-to-date movies, trendy children programs and shows.

Although there is no subscription fee in the application’s free version, you will be required to pay about eight dollars in a month to gain complete access to the application’s library or about thirteen dollars in a month for an advertisements free subscription.

Showbox App

This is another outstanding application with a massive library of more than a thousand Television shows and movies. Showbox application also permit the user to download the material and enjoy it later while offline.
The application is available for download on showbox official site, but is not accessible from other app download websites. The showbox app has a large number of subscribers therefore it’s the best option for a user who wants to enjoy watching classic and latest material.

Toonmania App

Another amazing streaming app is Toonmania which is particularly created with the capability to allow users to comfortably watch cartoons and animations. The application has a large collection of Cartoons and animations. This app’s clear and natural layout let users navigate through the contents with ease, this allow them to gain access to materials of their liking more faster.
Toonmania app is unavailable in most app download sites but an APK file of the app can be downloaded from Aptoide website.

Crunchyroll App

Another well-liked streaming app is Crunchyroll, this app stream animation shows and movies on devices that run on Android platform. The application is available for download from various application download sites for instance at Google Play Store. It has many users thus it’s a good place to get your latest content for watching and enjoyment.

Currently, a lot of Android movie streaming apps are available in applications download websites like Google play store, however the above mentioned apps will suit your requirements perfectly in the streaming of movies, TV shows and various watching materials on android devices.