Sony is Releasing Translucent PS4 Pro In Celebration Of 500 Million PlayStation Consoles Sold

Since Sony took on PS4 in 1994, the franchise has been able to make tons of games. Sony is currently making around 525.3 million games to be precise. To mark this successful venture of the company, it will be unleashing a restricted version of PS4 Pro carrying a translucent dark blue cover. This is something that the company has not done before since its inception. At the moment, the release will only be for fifty thousand units globally.

Sony announces to offer the best translucent game since the N64 days. This limited version of PlayStation4 will come along with four controllers and translucent blue DualShock regulators. Among some other items to accompany this offer is a PS camera, headset and bundled stand. According to records, it is not the first time for the company to celebrate the historical success of the PS4 paint job. Records show that Sony has sometimes offered a blue & gold PS4 version as an aspect of the Days of Play sale.

Sony offered restricted run of retro-oriented PS4 games in 2014. These games came in the unique PS amazing drab colors to mark the twentieth anniversary of the company. At the moment, gamers can get the restricted PS4 Pro edition of the game for a sum of 499.99 dollars. This simply means that the limited offer will sell for more than one hundred dollars of the normal PS4 Pro. One amazing thing with this limited offer is to provide you 2TB hard drive. This is two times larger than the normal Sony PS4 Pro.

The restricted PS4 Pro offer will be airing on August 24th for public consumption. In early September, the company will be selecting a retail store to market the product as well. It is important to know that the company has mentioned of a limited supply. For this reason, buyers should act fast when ordering the product online.

The Sony PS4 Pro will conform to the company’s games during the 90s. As a huge celebration, the company has decided to offer the public a blue translucent PlayStation4 Pro that will last for a long time. One amazing thing about this new product is that the controller and console remain see-through. This implies that gamers will be able to see the content of the product’s casing. The fetching shade of dark blue color surrounding the plastic cover remains great as well.

On the front of the product, you will find a bronze plate carrying a serial number. A PS camera, DualShock 4 and a 2TB PS4 Pro are all you get in the complete bundle package. The controller of the product can be found individually if you want it.

Another amazing item that comes along with the package is a gold wireless headset. This headset has the same unique casing just like that of the game. According to the publishing franchise, the offer will only be limited to fifty thousand units globally. On August 24th, the limited offer will be sold in Canada and the US.

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